1 BY INVOLVING workers in the field through interactive participation in the video process, distinguishing between safe and at-risk behaviors, we can improve their awareness of real and potential dangers on the job.
2 BY INTEGRATING this with our other training programs, as well as client and site-specific programs, we can notably minimize the injury/illness risk factors.
3 BY NATURE, the work environment (operations, employees, contractors) is dynamic, always changing, requiring constant monitoring when new processes are introduced. Companies taking advantage of the JAWS Safety training benefit immensely from the state-of-the-art training to maintain their competitive edge.


JAWS SAFETY Awareness Training

JAWS SAFETY Awareness Training is based on interactive participation of workers and their responses to safe and at-risk behavior using visual and instructional media.  This technique has proven highly successful in reducing real and potential injuries to all personnel at a work site.  The outcome is clearly an improvement in production man hours and it definitely ensures the safest possible working environment.

Our Services Include

  • Pre-tour Safety meetings for the crew(s)
  • Video taping crews while they perform their daily work routines in the field
  • Developing and implementing the Safe Behavioral Process at both field and camp locations
  • Assisting crews & managment with generation of Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s); providing documents outlining duties and assignments for the crew(s)
  • Introducing and developing a Pictorial survey which consists of photos of documented unsafe acts or behaviors. This data would then be posted, highlighted, and discussed with the various crews at safety meetings or other appropriate settings.
  • Developing JSA training videos for various departments, i.e. mechanical, electrical, or Research & Development (R&D) to enhance safety and the competence of personnel
  • Developing a Worksite Operations Safety Plan (WOSP), if required by the client, using their SMS guidelines.   The WOSP can be used to assist with inductions and ongoing training of personnel
  • Assistance and training on Permit to Work (PTW) requirements.   Permit auditing and database log documentation will be completed to meet legislative requirements
  • Assistance will be provided to the client’s safety department with audits, inspections, logging of permits, JSA’s, STOP cards, etc., as required
  • Assistance in Stepback 5×5 training for crews when required.   Conduct Pre- and/or Post-tour safety meetings and training sessions with workers utilizing the JAWS training process to ensure a safe working environment for all involved parties �