Mission Statement


Our vision is to enhance workforce safe behavior and increase workplace hazard awareness to help our clients reach zero accident / injury goals.


As mentors for workplace behavior based safety we believe that “people” are the single most important resource of any company or organization.

We promote and maintain the view that everyone has the power to develop and share ideas without barriers.

We encourage people in every workforce to discuss how changes in behavior can improve on safety and how people can become more aware of daily work place hazards so everyone goes home safely at the end of each workday.


To provide our Clients with a quality service that meets their expectations every time.

To provide our clients with reliable and actionable feedback on human factors within the work force arena.

To be a positive influence with the workforce  by attaining noticeable behavioral changes and hazard awareness with the workforce to build on our clients safety performances.

Core Values

We believe that building open and Honest Relationships will influence behavioral changes, support effective leadership and are the keystones for success in safety.

Company History

JAWS International Safety Services Ltd and the JAWS Behavioral Based Safety Process (BBSP) is the innovative creation of Dr. Jerry Wallin during his tenure as a Professor of Business Administration and Industrial Organizational Psychology at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Shortly after initial development and much trial and error and application of the process with selected clients, word of its success spread quickly. Additional companies in need of the process quickly multiplied and the business grew dramatically, especially in the Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Industry.JAWS Offshore was subsequently awarded contracts from many of the industry’s leading oil & gas operators, implementing training programs with Exxon USA, Chevron USA, Marlin Drilling Company, Cal Dive International, and Geophysical Services PGS. Mounting success and strong demand for the process necessitated that JAWS enter the international arena of safety training in the late 1980′s which then led to the establishment of JAWS International Safety Services Limited. Today, companies like ExxonMobil International, ConocoPhillips, Transocean, Tullow Oil, Anadarko, Chevron International, Esso Africa and Neftegas are among satisfied customers who have taken advantage of the expert training presented across the globe by JAWS International Safety Services Limited. Moreover, JAWS has now developed peripheral services for some of these same clients, mainly Hand Injury Prevention Training (HIPP) and support with improving clients Job Safety Analysis (JSA's) with regular & non-regular job tasks, both of which derived from the core BBS system.

Dr. Jerry Wallin-CEO

Blake Wallin-Managing Director-CFO

Peter Butcher-Operations Manager